Marshaling Instructions

These instructions are intended to promote consistent and predictable procedures by the time trial marshals at the Lochside Drive/Mt. Newton Cross Road and Lochside Drive/McTavish Interchange corners. Marshals shall:

  • Wear a traffic safety vest and carry a STOP/SLOW sign.
  • Carry a cellular telephone  to call for first aid, or to alert the Race Director of emergencies blocking the racecourse or rider disqualifications.
  • Place a bicycle warning sign on Mt. Newton X Road coming out of the Tsawout Reserve to the east of Lochside Drive before the stop sign as shown below.
  • Place bicycle warning sign on Lochside Drive south of the Lochside Frontage Road south of the McTavish Interchange as shown below.
  • Place six cones at the corner of Lochside Drive and Mount Newton X Road and seven cones at the McTavish Interchange and Lochside Drive on the the white line that marks the boundary of the bike lane and the roadway at the white “CONE” marks beside the white line, approximately as shown below.
  • Sweep away any debris from the bike lane in the corner.
  • Stand at the apex of the corner and direct the riders to ride around the corner in the bike lane to the right of all of the cones.
  • Not stop motor vehicles, only time trial cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Raise the SLOW sign if there is potential danger as the rider approaches the corner. The marshal should call out to pedestrians and other cyclists and point to the oncoming rider to alert them of the rider’s presence.
  • Raise the STOP sign if there is imminent danger to the riders.
  • Wave the rider through the corner if there is no potential danger.
  • Report violations of the time trial rules by reporting the rider’s name or number to the Race Director or timekeeper. These include:
    • Crossing the centreline of the roadway.
    • Not staying to the right of all of the cones in the corners.
    • Attempting to pass another cyclist in the coned area.
    • Disobeying the signals of the marshal to slow or stop.
    • Impolite behaviour towards motorists, pedestrians, cyclists or marshals.

Equipment checklist for each corner:

    • Safety vest
    • SLOW/STOP sign
    • Bicycle warning sign
    • Six or seven traffic cones
    • Broom
    • Cellular telephone
    • Paper and pen

First aid*: ____________________________Tel: 250-______________________

Race Director**: ________________________ Tel: 250-_____________________

*Located at Amity Drive

**Located at Start/Finish

Tuesday Time Trial Map: TT Map Jul16_0001

Mt. Newton X Road Map: Mt Newton-Lochside Corner Map

McTavish Map: McTavish Corner Map

May the wind always be at your back.