The Sidney Velo Tuesday night time trials began in 1979 on the Lochside Drive – Mt. Newton Cross Road – Patricia Bay Highway (#17) – McTavish Road – Lochside Drive circuit in the Districts of North and Central Saanich. The course consisted of two laps of this circuit, totaling 17.9 km, starting and finishing at Cy Hampson Park in Bazan Bay. Until June 2006, riders were permitted to use the entire traffic lane from centreline to centreline to round the corners at Lochside Drive and Mt. Newton X Road and at McTavish Road and Lochside Drive, resulting in very high speeds through these corners. In June 2006, in response to police safety concerns, traffic cones were introduced at these two corners to keep riders in the bicycle/shoulder lane as they rounded the corners, slowing corner speeds considerably. Time trials continued on this basis until the end of the 2009 season, and records set before June 2006, were flagged with an asterisk to denote the cornering speed advantage the earlier riders had.

The 2010 season was cancelled due to the construction of the McTavish Interchange on Highway 17. The time trials resumed in 2011 with the former Highway 17 – McTavish Road and McTavish Road – Lochside Drive corners replaced by a single hairpin turn from the Highway 17 off-ramp around the base of the pedestrian/bicycle overpass on to Lochside Drive. This hairpin is coned all the way around to keep riders in the shoulder/bicycle lane. The new course at 17.4 km is shorter than the old course, and new course records were started to recognize the significant changes that had occurred.

In 2016, new age categories and equipment rules for young riders were introduced at the request of Cycling BC. The new categories are U13, U15 (13-14), U17 (15-16), and U19 (17-18, the old “Junior” category. The equipment restrictions include: 7.93 m maximum gear roll out for all riders under 19, no time trial specific bikes or helmets, and low-profile (may not exceed 40 mm), non-carbon wheels for all riders under 17. U17 (15-16) may use clip-on aero bars. New records were started to reflect these significant changes.